Guest Entry Notifications

  • Option to pre notify to security about Arriving of guest as per date and time
  • Pre-check in guests for hassle-free entry at the gate
  • Exclusive passcode based entry which will be generated after submission details of arriving guest

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Visitors Entry Notifications

  • Notification to resident about Visitors entry at security gate with all details like Name, Address, Mobile no and Photo
  • Resident can approve & deny visitors at Security Gate

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Visitors Logged Details

  • Visitors information will be saved on cloud for data security
  • Can retrieve the data of all visitors visited to your apartment including Pre-Approved Visitors as and when required with a single button click to your registered email address

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Car Movement Notification

  • Real time information captured about the car moving in & out of the Society
  • Real time & past data retrieval for the Car in & out of the society

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  • Resident can post the advertisement of the personal things wants to sell
  • Admin (Secretary) can post the advertisement about the society property on sell of any old inventory

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Poll (Voting) Activity

  • Once the poll is created by admin (Secretary) for any celebration of event within society
  • Notification to each Resident to give views about the poll which will be basically in form of YES/NO or option based selection
  • Admin (Secretary) & Resident can see how many people have voted
  • Poll can be created for any society relevant information like before society meeting
  • Secretary can list down all the point to discuss and can directly approve the point in the society meeting based on voting received
  • Can pull the information about past voting

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Complaints – Ticketing

  • Resident can submit the complaints via app directly to secretary about common and personal area
  • Resident can capture the photo while submitting the complaints
  • Resident can check the status of the Complaints submitted
  • Resident can have follow up comment on the complaints submitted
  • Resident can provide their rating upon completion of complaints suggested in form of Stars or Smileys
  • The Past complaints data can be view & retrieve by resident

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  • Resident can directly submit the property related or personal usage related suggestion to secretary via app
  • Resident can capture the photo while submitting the suggestion
  • The Past complaints data can be view & retrieve by resident

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Payment Gateway For Society/Utility Bills

  • Facilitate to pay society and utility bill via payment gateway available in the form of online payment and net banking
  • Resident can view and pay the bills submitted by the admin (Secretary)
  • Resident can make the advance payment of the Maintenance and other bills related to society
  • Admin (Secretary) and Resident can view & Download all the historical Bills paid via app in the form of statement

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Society Accounting (In Upgradation)

  • All the society billing and resident billing will be available on this platform for view and download format
  • For society all Income and Expenses are catered under this portal from where they can view the outstanding, prepaid and other available Bank and Cash Balances. In short this will be in-house accounting system to keep track of all Income and expenses as well as Inventory available.
  • For Individual Resident this will work as Financial statements. They can retrieve their past bill paid, P&L Statement and invoices of all bill paid through payment getaway.

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Panic Button (SOS) – Location Detector

  • This feature is for the safety of the resident family whom they have added as a member
  • Panic button can only be press when resident or his family member is in trouble
  • Upon pressing the panic button, a notification will go to all family members mobile when whom he has added as a member
  • Panic button will show the exact location of the family member in trouble

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Facilities Management & Important Contacts

  • Facility management can provide the direct contact of the person like electrician, Motor or Pumping man, carpenter, Facility manager
  • It will also have the important contact of the vendors working for that particular society

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Staff Information/ Rating

  • It is an open platform to all resident to view & add information about House help like maid, Driver, cook, Nany etc
  • Resident can access the information about House help where she is working
  • Resident can also View rating and Attendance
  • Resident can rate the house help

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Society Notices

  • A snippet of all notices can be seen in one screen
  • Separations of the Society Notice and Individuals Notice
  • Notices can be sent to all resident or individual resident
  • Admin can see how many residents have read the notices
  • Admin and Resident can view all the historical notices

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Events Calendar

  • This will provide the notification+ about the upcoming events in the society with date